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KD Custom Barncaster 2021 White

KD Custom Barncaster 2021 White

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The guitar is made by Slovenian luthier Damian Kuzmijak. He used a very unusual combination of woods - 80 years old pine-wood for the body and walnut for the neck, coupled with a flamed maple fretboard. This makes for a light, resonant guitar with plenty of overtones and inspiring dynamics. At the same time, it is very far from conventional T-style guitar in terms of looks and sounds

The neck is slightly V-shaped, with an oiled finish so is the fretboard. Pickups are made by a polish company - Hathor Pickups and are also quite an unusual tonal combination. Neck is quite fat and nasal, very stratocaster-like. Bridge is a dual magnet mini-humbucker with an impressive hot, fat midrange. All together it covers a wide spectrum of tones: fat bluesy neck leads, middle position slightly twangy (don't think Telecaster twang, very unique tones!) to rock drives from the bridge.

If you're up for a very special telecaster-like guitar with surprising tonal options - this is the one.

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