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Rombo Picks 4 pick set

Rombo Picks 4 pick set

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The Rombo Pick Set (4 guitar picks) in of the options

4 x Rombo Prisma | 0.8 mm

A classic shape enhanced by modern surface technology. The geometry on the main body has different height levels for the most comfortable holding and grip.

4 x Rombo Origami | 0.75 mm

Flexible but still rigid enough for note control. Right amount of flexibility for a snappy fluid attack that's bright and crisp. The concave surface on the hold area ensures ergonomic and comfortable hold.

4 x Rombo Jade | 2.3 mm

Maximum precision. Perfect for shredding guitar techniques. Its wide bevel edge, combined with a decent body thickness, provides a supreme attack, without compromising bass tones.

4 x Rombo Horizon | 1.4 mm

The wide curvature on the body and tip allows you to slide smoothly through the guitar strings. Its curious-shaped raised hill on the body ensures splendid comfortable hold.

4 x Rombo Crisp | 1 mm

Medium thickness combined with geometric concave design surfaces. The result? unexpected flexibility with great bass tones. Its medium-sharped tip provides extra warm tones.

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