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James Tyler Japan Studio Elite HD Rear Rout Jimburst

James Tyler Japan Studio Elite HD Rear Rout Jimburst

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 If you're looking for a guitar that combines an amazing look and great specification look no further!

To set things straight - James Tyler Guitars made in Japan are of the same quality as their USA-made counterparts. There are a few differences: Japanese ones have a constant 11" radius and more subtle edge-rolling on the upper frets, other than that you couldn't tell the difference.

This particular model is a classic workhorse - Studio Elite HD in a very unique specification. Starting with a body wood called Mamywo. It is an exotic wood with tonal characteristics similar to lightweight mahogany. Then we have a quartersawn neck with quality grain and a satin-smooth feel. The neck profile is defined as Extra Thin '59 but it's not really tiny. It's more compact than the regular '59 found in James Tyler guitars but still a bit bigger than Fender's modern C profile. It will fit your hand - don't worry.

Fretboard is made of ebony. As we know, ebony lies in between maple and rosewood in terms of brightness. Not surprisingly, overall the sound exposes a very crunchy midrange and at the same time doesn't lack attack and definition in the upper frequencies. To try to put the sound in words: it has a Stratocaster-like roundness and a punch but with much more "oomph" (bottom of the sound range, bass). The pickup combo of two JT5500 and a Super humbucker is balanced in every position.

A cherry on top is a very special look - Jimburst matched with the pink headstock and pearl tuning pegs. It definitely stands out well both on the stage and in your living room.

Visually the condition is very good, with no dings or serious scratches. Pick scratches are present but only visible against the light. There are no damages to any part of the wood and frets condition is 90%.


  • Body: Mamywo
  • Top: Quilted Maple
  • Neck: Quartersawn Maple
  • Neck profile: Extra Thin '59
  • Fretboard: Ebony, radius 11"
  • Frets: 22, Jescar nickel-silver, wide-tall
  • Nut: black TUSQ
  • Nut width: 1 5/8"
  • Pickups: JT5500/ JT5500/Super (slant), screw-in
  • Tuners: Gotoh locking
  • Bridge: Gotoh G2TS
  • Electronics: Master volume, master tone, mid-boost preamp pot and switch, 5-way switch
  • Case and certificates included
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